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Vacuum Brazed Engraving Bit
Vacuum Brazed Engraving Bits designed for edge details grinding and engraving application;
Dry Cutting Blade
1 Fast cutting speed and small cutting gap
Turbo Saw Blade
1 Fast cutting speed and small cutting gap and high cutting efficiency
Continuous Blade
1 Good continuity,good cutting sharpness and high cutting efficiency
Granite Cutting Tools-Diamond Cutting Tools For Granite
1 The segment is sharp, durable and high-efficient as we use self-produced high-strength diamond as the raw material 2 The segment is suitable for granite, marble, limestone, lavastone, basalt,sandstone, etc, 3:Stable cutting,narrow cutting gap,stone waste reduction
Diamond Blade Segments - Diamond Segments Manufacturer
1:The segments are attached to the core by brazing with silver solder and fixed on circular blades, gang saws and circular multi-blade cutters; 2:High-quality Diamond Segment Made from High-grade Diamond by Special and Advanced Techniques;
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