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Multi Blade And Segment

Product Features:

1 It work in low noise,small cutting slot which ensures maximum use of stone and uniform thickness 2 Stable cutting,narrow cutting gap,stone waste reduction
Diameter(mm) Steel core(mm) Head size(mm) Segment Number Shape Application
1000 5.0 24×7.0/6.2×13(15,20) 70 Z3T/Z3T-M (conical) Marble
1200 5.5 24×7.4/6.6×13(15,20) 80 Z3T/Z3T-M (conical) Marble
1400 6.5 24×8.4/7.6×13(15,20) 92 Z3T/Z3T-M (conical) Marble
1600 7.2 24×9.2/8.4×13(15,20) 108 Z3T/Z3T-M (conical) Marble

Other specifications are available upon request.

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