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Vacuum Brazed Cut-N-Grind Wheel
Could be used for wet or dry on marble, limestone and granite
Vacuum Brazed Tuck Point Blade / Crack Chaser Blade
Available in Segmented Tuck Point Blade design, V-Shaped or U-Shaped Crack Chaser Blades;
Vacuum brazed Grinding Wheel
Fast aggressive removal and shaping with excellent tool life on marble, limestone and many other soft stones
Vacuum Brazed CNC Profile Wheel
Profile Wheels available in Coarse, Medium and Fine diamond grit size;
Vacuum Brazed Router Bit
Available with M14 or 5 8*-11 thread for popular models of grinders and routers
Vacuum Brazed Shaft Profile Router
Featured with 1 2 " ?2 0mm Shank for automatic or CNC Router Machines;
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