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Steel brush, Antique Brush
1 High processing efficiency,long grinding life 2 Abrasive brush is used to process all kinds of stones,which can not only make the slabs skid-proof,but also obtain antique style
Resin Wet Polishing Pad, Dry Polishing Pad,Flexible Polishing Pad
1 long life span,high sharpness and good polishing quality
Diamond Drilling Tools
1 High efficiency,no-chipping,long life 2 Selectable adaptor sizes: Dia6 8 10mm shank, M14 thread, 5 8”-11 thread or Gas 1 2” etc
Finger Bits
1 High efficiency,long life and fast milling speed 2 Finger bit is a kind of milling cutter,mostly with GAS 1 2 " connection
Core Drill Bits
1 High effciency, long life and no breaking of segments 2 Sizes of adaptor for threaded bit:M14,M16, G1 2 ",5 8 "-11 3 Applicable for drilling of brick wall,concrete, concrete with steel
Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blade
1 High bonding strength, good sharpness,high cuting effciency,good life span 2 Vacuum brazed diamond saw blade can be used to cut granite,marble,superhard natural stone,walls,glass,ceramic tiles etc
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