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PLC-700 Laser Bridge Cutting Machine
PLC-700 is also a computerised machine with a cutting head that can tilt 45 degree The touch-sensitive screen, magnetic grid system etc that make the machine high accuracy, stability and efficiency in cutting, It is particularly an ideal machine for high-value and large size thicker marble , granite etc slab processing
YTQQ-600 Mono-block Bridge Cutting Machine
Mono-block bridge cutting machine used for stone slab cutting
SDQ-400 Ideal Machine
Ideal Machine is widely used for edge triming and groove milling on inaritificial stone surfaces, especially for mushroom stone, stripe stone and step stone processing
SLQ-600 Hand Stone Cutter
Hand stone cutter used stone slab cutting
CJ/CJD-6C Stone Sawing Machine(Setting Size)
This machine is specially designed for cut-to-size tiles edge trimming with high precision and high productivity Branded electronic components inside, inverter control system and button operating system together with its unique cutting head and sliding rail system ensures its high cutting efficiency and fast cutting speed Safe and Easy to Operate, it is your ideal mate for cut-to-size tiles processing
BFQ-600/800 Tile Splitting Machine
Tile splitting machine used for tile splitting
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