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SY-S80 Hydraulic Pressing Machine
SY-S80, whose oil pump is installed above the machine and this creates a good airproof result that protects the oil pump from stone dust
BZD Jib Crane
Jib Crane used for stone lifting
ZK-300 Drilling Machinery
Drilling Machinery for stone drilling
QSQ-2800A automatic bridge stone cutting machine
QSQ-2200A 2800A 3000A combines different diameters of blades working simultaneously as multiblade cutting It has screw-rod lifting system or hydraulic lifting system for choice The machine equip with worktable for blocks and horizontal cutting for unloading slabs Heavy duty strcuture, logical control system, easy operation together with “ Wanlong” blade give high production and also make the finish slab with flat surface, no tapper It is also flexible in modification for Single blade cutting
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