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With 13 patents by Wanlong Stone Co., Ltd (2 Invention Patents, 10 New Practical Patents, and 1 Exterior Patent)
In 2003Obtaining the patents for “Decoration Stone Panel ", " Stone-Panel-Laminated Vanity Top", " Aluminum Stone Panel" and the " Stone Slabs with Anchors"
In 2004Obtaining the patents for " Fiberglass Stone Panel ", " Stone-Panel-Laminated Countertops", " Improved Stone-Panel- Laminated" and the " Fire-proof Stone Panel for Decoration"
In 2005Obtaining the patents for “New Stone-Panel-Laminated for Decoration ",” Connection Device Laminated Stone Panel on Exterior-Wall” and “New Aluminum Stone-Panel-Laminated"
In 2007obtaining the patents for”The Honeycomb Aluminum Stone Panel" and “The Decoration Structure with the Honeycomb Aluminum Stone Panel Laminated"
In 2009Being Authorized with the Invention Patent for the Anti-shedding super-thin Laminated Stone Panel