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F:Do you offer FREE Samples if I want to buy your products?
A:Wanlong never offer free samples, this is high value products so very very less diamond tools company would like to offer free samples, if you want to try the products please buy According to Wanlong s experiences Wanlong think when people get the samples by paying they will cherish what they get Although the quantity & amount of sample is small its cost is higher than normal production
F:If we make the payment, how long you will make the shipment?
A:It depends on the quantity of order Our Monthly production amount of diamond segments will be more than 3,000,000pcs Usually we can send the goods within one week on receipt of payment Special specification products by negotiation Wanlong will inform the approximate shipping date before you place order
F:What is the difference between a wet blade and a dry blade?
A:The main difference is the way the diamond matrix is attached to the core Wet blades are brazed, while dry blades are generally laser welded Laser welding has a higher melting point Besides the weld, another difference is the bond Dry blades usually have a slightly softer bond to allow easier cutting without water to cool and lubricate the cut
F:We are selling big quantity of saw blade in our country with our brand name only. Can we laser our lago on the blade?
A:We would prefer you to put our Wanlong logo on the blades as Wanlong is also famous in the field of diamond tools But if you insist to put your own logo on the blades We will also do it for you but need to charge some money May be 1% of the blade cost
F:We are considering to buy Diamond Tools from your company, how can I know the quality?
A:Now lots of people in the world like to use Chinese products though the quality is not the best while the price is very competitive Wanlong is one professional manufacturer in stone cutting field for over 12 years Wanlong would like to inform in your country who is using Wanlong s products and what the using result is! If not available we think a small amount trial order for testing is necessary
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