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Marble Saw Blade / Multi-Purpose Saw Blade
Best Saw Blade for Marble Limestone, cutting much faster and lasting much longer than electroplated marble blade;
Vacuum Brazed Teeth Segmented Saw Blade
1 Teeth Segment design offers a multi-layer diamond that gives blade much longer blade life than traditional Vacuum Brazed saw blade;
Fire Rescue Blade
1 Vacuum Brazed Rescue Blades are designed with Vacuum Brazed diamond segment laser welded onto steel core, and its steel core is electroplated with silicon carbide for side protection and material escape; 2:
Vacuum Brazed Diamond Bead
1 Vacuum Brazed Beads come with double arrow design and Pattern-set Diamond on Steel Body to extend tool life and make full use of diamonds for best cutting efficiency;
Vacuum Brazed Diamond Wire Saw
1 High bonding strength,high cuting effciency,good life span
Vacuum Brazed Dry Core Drill Bit
Excellent cutting speed with a long cutting life compared to electroplated core bits;
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