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LXM-16/20 Fully-automatic Polishing Machine
Applicable for polishing the surface of granite slabs and tiles
MS-2600/3000 Manual Polishing Machine
This machine uses round column as its guide slip surface for steady automatic ups and downs Two optional main drive motors (single speed and dual speeds) are upon the clients choice It is applicable to surface grinding and polishing of tombstones, slabs and mosaic which needs to change the thickness frequently The workable for grinding interiorlexterior arcs is available upon customer s request
QDM900-1800 Bridge Single Head Automatic Polisher
QDM900-1800 type Bridge Single Head Automatic Polisher is used to grind and polish stone slab Same machine could be used for granite or mable polishing, but differences on polishing head to be installed
PLC-1200 Multifunctional Profile Machine
This machine is automatically controlled by microcomputer, specially designed to carry out architectural shaping such as profile, Roman column and other diverse shapes on granite and marble, it works with double blades and automatic tracking
PLC-1600 Bridge Profile Machine
This machine is applicable for cutting profile, Roman column and column slab in large scale
PJ-40 Inartificial Surface Splitter
PJ-40 inartificial surface splitter is developed according to market s demand and the stone industry s standard, with featureof logical structure, stable function,precise cutting, less abrasion etc
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