1. Pre-sales service:

● Introduce company status, product technology;

● Guide customers to choose products according to their needs.

● Provide factory construction technical consultation, machine layout etc.

● Provide factory construction related spare parts and tools.

2. In-sales service:

● Follow up the contract and organize various departments to review the contract;

● Be responsible for solving problems if the contract is not clear or needs to be negotiated by both parties,

● Track production and delivery, and track the production of various outsourcing parts according to the requirements of the contract,

3. After-sales service:

● Guide the installation and commissioning of the equipment for the user on time according to the contract, ;

● Provide On-site training to guide customers in standard operation and use;

● Be responsible for receiving and handling customer complaints about product quality and service quality;

● Provide machine maintenance guideline and remind customers to do the maintenance of machines.

● Follow up and inspect irregularly and implement dynamic management during the warranty period,

● Be responsible for the warranty replacement if it is a quality problem of our products during the warranty period,

● Be responsible for the training of service personnel to continuously improve the overall quality of service personnel.

● 24 hours to provide customers with the company's equipment failure call dispatch, business consultation and customer complaints, customer suggestions and other services.