The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese folk festival. It is also a traditional festival popular among many ethnic groups in China and some countries in East and Southeast Asia. It is also known as the four major traditional festivals in China along with the Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day and Dragon Boat Festival.

Bobing (Mooncake Dice Game, a game in which six dice are thrown into a bowl and the different combinations of numbers result in different scores and prizes) is a unique festive activity in Southern Fujian during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
It has been kept as a Mid-Autumn tradition by the locals for hundreds of years, forming part of the city’s particular mooncake culture.
Bobing is a highly enjoyable game as people roll dices for good luck. The locals believe that someone who rolls a Zhuangyuan (literally meaning the title conferred on the top-ranking candidate in the highest imperial examination, which here means the top prize) will enjoy a year of good fortune. 

In order to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival and the company's 30th anniversary and also thank its employees for their hard work, Wanlong Group restarted the Mid-Autumn Festival Bobing event for one thousand people this year, which had been suspended for 3 years due to the impact of the epidemic, to celebrate the wonderful festival time with employees.
This event was held on the basketball court in front of the Wanlong Group's office building. When we arrived at the scene, it was just spectacular: in front of the office building door stood the theme background board for this event, with the slogan clearly printed on it. Theme: "Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and the 74th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China"; 100 large round tables were lined up, with various rich prizes placed on the table; 1,000 Wanlong employees were uniformly dressed and sat at each table in an orderly manner. Everyone’s faces are filled with smiles, and their hearts are full of pride, joy, excitement and expectations: proud of being a Wanlong people; excited and looking forward to the upcoming activities; and happy for life and rejoice through their own hard work. 

This event consists of three parts:
1. Wanlong People sang the song "Ode to My Homeland".
How lucky we are born in an era of abundance and openness. Together we have witnessed the motherland’s transformation from reform and opening up to prosperity and strength. The development and growth of enterprises cannot be separated from the stability and peace of the country and the good business environment of local governments. Wanlong Group has been working hard for 30 years and has continued to work hard. We would like to thank the country for its strength, the government for its support, and all our colleagues who have helped each other and worked together along the way. Only with a country can there be a home. Today, all of Wanlong people sing a song here to express our praise and blessings to the motherland for her 74th birthday! Wanlong Group will definitely share the same destiny with the motherland and breathes together at the same time!

2. Speech by the Wanlong Chairman Mr Guo Zhenyi
In the second part of the event, Chairman Mr Guo Zhenyi delivered an impassioned speech. The chairman thanked all employees for their hard work in the past, and encouraged all colleagues that although the global economic situation after the epidemic is not optimistic, there are opportunities in crises. As long as the company has consistent goals and unites as one, we will be able to overcome various difficulties and make the company's success development to a newly high level.
Wanlong Group is a company with a sense of social responsibility and responsibility, and Chairman Mr Guo Zhenyi is a public welfare expert and philanthropist. We believe that under his leadership, Wanlong must be able to overcome obstacles and achieve greater success again!

3. Wanlong one thousands people Bobing
After waiting for some time, everyone is already eager to give it a try. "It's time to start the game!" With the chairman's order, the big game with one thousand people from one hundred tables officially started. As the activity was in full swing, "Dang Cang, Dang Cang", bursts of laughter and bursts of dice intertwined together to form a wonderful symphony. This symphony contains the blessings for peace and prosperity for the country and family, and the people's desire and ambition for Wanlong Group to create a century-old foundation...

With the fresh announcement of the top prize of the table and the top prize overall, this Bobing event came to a successful conclusion. We all believe that with the opportunity of this event, Wanlong Group will be more united, build on the past and open up the future, and create a better situation and prospects.