China diamond hardware tools are wildly applied to geological prospecting, stone industry, machinery, automobile & national defence industry. The diamond abrasive tools for machinery, the drilling bits for geology and the diamond cutting tools for stone industry, all of their manufacturing processes are improved day by day. And now, its products have been formed as seriation, standardization, enjoyed full specification series and stable quality, even some of products are become more and more competitive in the international market. Each kind of diamond tool has been wildly applied in the correspondent industry and also obtained typically economic benefits, however, for the whole diamond tools industry, it still need to improve industrial programming, widen the application fields and create the international brands.

1.    Industrial programming: strengthening the macro-control management.

Due to the blindly development, the hardware tools, especially the diamond tools which is immersed in a state of chaos, blossomed everywhere. The enterprises are commonly under the situation of small scales, no concentrated manufacturing, being lack of technique supports and short of marketing competitive force. When tools immersed in the market, the unstable quality, disordered competition and prices chaos, all these caused the low economic efficiency.

2.    Research and Development of the products: widening the application filed of diamond.

At present, there are lack of money invested in the tools manufacturing, the R&D of new products, the research of technique and other aspects at our domestic. So we need to increase investment strength in tools industry, accelerate the R&D of new products and promote the new technique and skills, widen the application filed of diamond continuously, improve the technique level and marketing competition covering the whole diamond tools industry, be as the variety and quality for survival, and be as the advance of science and technology for developing.

In order to satisfy the demand of the domestic and abroad tools market, it needs to accelerate the R&D of new products, improve the quality of products, increase the series of products and improve the output. In recent years, the demand of diamond tools is increased in the process filed year by year, like machinery industry, gemstone, medical apparatus and instruments, wood, glass steel, stone industry, ceramics and nonmetal hard and brittle materials. And now, these products are mainly depended on the import at the domestic market, so it really must research and develop the series of high quality tools to instead of as soon as possible.

The general secretary of the international abrasive association,  Mr. Luo Baihui mentioned, at present, these products are in need of researching and developing that have been presented as following, the PCD drilling bits for petroleum drilling, the diamond Frankfurt for stone grinding and polishing, the engineering thin-wall drilling bits, diamond honing oilstone, diamond film coated tool, diamond grinding wheel, rubber bonded diamond plastic tools, PCD diamond cutting tools, diamond stylus and diamond nozzle, diamond heat sink and diamond three triode and so on. In order to guarantee the quality of products, it must accelerate the promoting of new technique and new skills, like the vacuum welding technology, electric spark sintering technology, diamond technology of uniform distribution, diamond coated iridium technology, metallic bonding technology and laser welding skills and so on.

3.    The development of the industry: creating the international brands jointly.

The general secretary of the international abrasive association, Mr. Luo Baihui also indicated, for the enterprise, it needs to create the advanced technology constantly, complete the production skills continuously, reduce the cost of production and improve the economic benefits. And the enterprise can adopt the way of collectivization and joint-enterprise, guiding the industrial development, creating the owner brands, and participate in the international competition positively. The enterprise also can be depended on the advanced of science and technology, increasing the invest of science and technology, updating the equipment, paying highly attention to the new techniques, new skills and the research & promotion of new products and so on, to improve the rate of utilization of the blank tools, and to speed up the development of our national hardware tools industry. And the final purpose is to further improve the economic benefits and the whole level of technology.