Wanlong's 14-inch diamond saw blade is specially developed and produced for cutting concrete. This concrete saw blade has a 1-inch shaft.
The R&D and design of concrete saw blades has greatly improved its cutting speed and service life.

Product Features:

1.The blade is good in sharpness and effciency at the process of cutting, meanwhile, it has along lifespan.
2.Widely used for concrete cutting.
Serial Number Diameter(mm) Segment Dimension(mm)
1 300 40×3.2×12(12)
2 350 40×3.2×12(12)
3 400 40×3.6×12(12)
4 450 40×3.6×12(12)
5 500 40×4.0×12(12)
6 600 40×4.0×12(12)

Other specifications are available upon request.
Silent and non-silent blades are available for choice.

Preparatory work to be done when using a diamond saw blade
1. Please take precautionary measures, such as eye protection, masks, gloves, etc.
2. Read the manual and be sure to follow the blade manufacturer's recommendations for the specifications of the material to be cut and suitability for dry or wet cutting applications.
3. When installing the saw blade, be sure to tighten the fastening nut to prevent the saw blade from jumping during use.
4. Please note that the installation direction is consistent with the direction of the cutting equipment.
5. Clean the surface of the cutting equipment before use, do not have steel bars, iron wires and items that are easily entangled, it is easy to make the saw blade crack, if there are sundries and debris during use, please clean up in time.