Diamond wire saw cutting ropes for granite marble quarry cutting and profiling. It is suitable for the processing of squares or special-shaped blocks.
Three essential components for diamond wire rope saw are as followed:
1. Steel cable with diefferent diameter depending on the application
2. Sintered diamond beads.
3. Fixed method: springs, rubber or plastic. Protects the steel cable because of stone abrasive, and also sbsorbs the energy of the cutting friction of the beads against the stone.
Ours advantages:
1. High efficiency, safe, low-noise, less-dust, and enviroment-friendly.
2. Good cutting with small slot.
3. Few breakage raito at working thus sound lifetime.
4. Professional engineers, experienced workers, strict quality control system, top quality material etc. ensure the stable quality.
5. Other specifications are available upon request.

Products Application Diameter(mm) Fixed method
Vacuum brazed wrie saw For marble, limestone, travertine quarry 11.0 spring
For marble, limestone, travertine block squaring 11.0 spring
Diamond wire saw for granite, Sintered For quarry 11.5 rubber
For squarring 11.0 plastic
For profiling 8.8 plastic
Diamond wire saw for marble, Sintered For quarry 11.0 spring
For squarrying 11.0 plastic
For profiling 8.8 plastic

Precautions when using
1. Regular inspections of diamond wire self rotation and adjust in time.
2. Regular inspections of diamond wire abrasion to avoid cut-in-one-side problem happened, and make the solution in time if occurs.
3. Regular inspections the joint, as well as the beads of two sides, if they are abrase badly, replaces them in time
4. The steel cable tension of the stationary machines should be controlled within 250-300kg(φ4-5mm)
5. Linear speed is ajusted according to stones hardness.
6. For the new wire, when start to cut, its linear speed should be slower 2-3m/s than the standard mentioned above, it is good for sharpen.