The diamond wire saws for granite and marble produced by Bandung Diamond Tools can be used in various brands of wire saws, such as Numerical Control Wire Saw, Block Squaring Wire Saw, etc., with faster cutting speed, lower noise and guaranteed quality.

Features of Diamond Cutting Wire Saw for Granite and Marble
1. Good cutting result with small slot and high efficiency
2. Good sharpness and long life, low noise and eco-friendly
Using the latest production technology and skilled craftsmanship, the advantages of diamond wire for granite and marble produced by Wanlong Diamond Tools are as follows:
1. The wire breakage rate is low during diamond wire cutting, which improves the cutting efficiency.
2. Advanced automated production equipment to ensure stable quality and performance.
3. Diamond wire saws have been sold all over the world, and have been widely praised for their effective use and cutting.
4. Provide professional auxiliary services for wire saw operation.

Connection Beads/meter Linear Speed(m/s) Application
8.5/8.8 Plastic+spring 37 20-30 Granite Sandstone
11 Plastic 40 20-30 Granite Sandstone
11.5 Plastic 40 20-30 Granite Sandstone
11.5 Plastic+spring 40 20-30 Granite Sandstone
8.5/8.8 Plastic 37 25-35 Marble
11 Spring 28 25-35 Marble

Other specifications are available upon request.