Technical features: The machine adopts the combination of Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor and Permanent Magnetic Synchronous drive, and applies the principle of constant tension control. It can automatically adjust the Traveling speed according to the change of the cutting force, so that the wire saw can be always in the best cutting state. It’s easy for wire saw to start cutting at low speed and constant torque, labor-saving and safe; large torque, compared with ordinary asynchronous motors, its energy consumption reduces 30% more, and cutting efficiency improve 50% more.
The machine has no requirements on the phase of the power supply, and does not need to identify and exchange the phase of the power supply. It has safety protection functions such as broken rope, overload, lack of phase, and terminal limit. The left and right movement and rotation angle of the machine are driven by electric power. A photoelectric proximity switch is installed for limit protection, which can work normally in humid and dusty environments. The display screen displays real-time host setting current, main motor current, main motor speed and other parameters, which make operation and adjustment easier. The machine has the switching function of manual and automatic, and can completely realize unmanned operation during automatic operation, and one person can operate multiple devices at the same time.
The machine can be equipped with a network module and cooperate with a cloud platform to realize remote control and monitoring functions. The network module can be connected to the Internet server in three ways: 4G phone card, WIFI, and network cable. The operator can remotely operate and monitor the machine through mobile APP or computer webpage when away from the equipment. The start and stop of the equipment can be controlled remotely, and there will be a prompt message when the equipment alarms, prompting the operator to go to the scene to troubleshoot the problem. The working conditions of the machine can be recorded on the webpage.
Model Unit KSJ-65
Main motor power kw 65
Main flywheel diameter mm ¢800
Line speed m/s 0~30
Wire length m 20~120
Traveling motor powor Kw 1.5
Traverse distance mm 520
Max. Cutting Width mm 2000
Rotation Degree ° 360
Traveling speed m/h 0~90
Rail length m 2m×4
Permitted temperature -15℃~+40℃
Overall dimensions mm 2550×1680×1570
Total weight kg 3800