Arrayed type diamond saw blade

1:Arrayed type diamond saw blade concept
Arrayed type diamond saw blades, referred to as arrayed saw blade, also known as evenly distributed diamond saw blades, it is the diamond circular saw blades in which diamonds are arranged in an orderly manner.

2:Principle of arrayed arrangement
In the "3-D" space of the diamond segment, if the diamond particles are distributed in a "dot matrix" at a preset pitch, the saw blade will have the same number of diamonds with the same effect at every moment of cutting, so as to receive a uniform effect of uniform force, reduce frictional resistance, reduce cutting energy consumption and improve sharpness;
On the other hand, the arrayed arrangement of diamonds makes the bond wear and the resulting rock powder more uniform in "time and space", thereby expanding the "chip space" and improving the chip removal ability, which can further improve its sharpness.
In addition, the arrayed arrangement makes it easier for the saw blade to obtain high-sharpness "intrinsic characteristics" to make it more adaptable to the wider use performance, and it is also more convenient to solve the contradiction between the sharpness and durability of the disorderly arranged saw blade.

3:Reasonable "dot matrix" distribution
The focus of the "dot matrix" distribution is to have reasonable horizontal and vertical spacing.
(1)Reasonable horizontal spacing: Proper horizontal spacing to maintain the saw blade with good sharpness and life. If horizontal spacing is too small, will have the mall chip thickness, so that bond cannot be effectively worn to make the diamond open,  then cutting efficiency of the saw blade is affected; if the horizontal spacing is too large, through large cuttings can be formed, bond effectively abraded to have very good diamond open,and improve the sharpness of the saw blade, but the single diamond is stressed to easily broken or fall off, thus affecting the saw blade life;

(2)Reasonable vertical spacing: The vertical spacing is related to the saw blade self-sharpening. If the vertical spacing of the diamond is too large, the second layer of diamond can not be opened after the first layer fall off, resulting saw blade in intermittent sharpness. If the vertical spacing is too small, when the first layer of diamond still can be sharply cut, the second layer of diamond has already been opened, so that the diamond quantity entering the cutting state increases, the average force of each diamond is reduced, the cutting amount is also reduced, and the maximum effect of the diamond cannot be exerted, which affects the sharpness of the saw blade. The most suitable vertical spacing is to ensure that the first layer of diamond is about to fall off, and the second layer of diamond is smoothly opened.

The design of the vertical spacing is related to the remaining height of the diamond as it falls off. The residual height at which the diamond falls off is determined by the insertion force of the bond to the diamond and the cutting force of the diamond. With the wear of the bond, the insertion area of the diamond is reduced, and under the condition of a certain strength of the insert, the insertion force is gradually reduced. When torque which is formed by the insertion force and the cutting force of the diamond balance, the diamond will fall off. At this time, the height of the diamond is the height of the fall off, which is also the best time for the next layer of diamond open. The vertical spacing can be designed from this idea.

The arrayed arrangement uses the typesetting method and can be operated manually or automatically.

4:Application of arrayed type diamond saw blades
Arrayed diamond saw blades can be made into small diameter, medium diameter and large diameter, which can be used for cutting of stone, concrete, etc.
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Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the arrayed type segment