Flexible Diamond Abrasive is a newly developed coated abrasive and it is produced with new and advanced technique with raw materials of Synthetic Diamond and CBN(Cubic Boron Nitride) Abrasives. Flexible Diamond Abrasive with dual advantages of conventional abrasives and also with characteristics of superhard abrasive.

Flexible Superhard Abrasive Products covers Diamond Abrasive Band, Diamond Abrasive Sleeves, Diamond Sand Disc, Diamond Flap Disc and Diamond Hand Pads. It is made of abrasives (CBN Abrasives at 50#~3000#) and base materials, such as PU, Rubber and Multiple Cloth, etc.

Flexible diamond abrasive and CBN abrasive products are now widely applied on grinding and polishing stone, glass, ceramic and porcelain, synthetic materials, cemented carbide, ferrous alloy and many other hard materials. Naturally with super hardness and high compressive strength, Flexible Diamond Abrasives products are with advantages of high grinding efficiency, low heat generation when working, excellent surface smoothness and consistent grinding power. In practice, Diamond Sand Belts already proved high cost-effective on grinding and polishing auto glass and other premium quality glass for its better grinding power and better debris removal and coolant compared to traditional grinding wheel.