Diamond saw blade is used to cut stone, such as granite, marble and so on. its cutting process is largely influenced by mineral composition and structural properties. The diamond is main part of diamond saw blade playing the role of cutting. Diamond is hard with sharp edge that can engrave and break the rock to achieve cutting effects under the high-speed rotation of saw blade and horizontal force.
    In fact, the diamond saw blade is manipulated by grinding not cutting. During the operation of diamond saw blade, the front end and sides of saw tooth will protrude out each diamond which supported by comet tail structure. This structure can strengthen the support force of the bonding agent on the back of diamond crystal. The diamond that protrudes in this way will cut into the stone and grind stone into fine powder.
    During the cutting process, the protruding diamond may be broke or snapped. Different cutting objects are differed in hardness and structure, so that the consumption of diamond is different. And that is what we talked the fray of diamond saw blade's cutter head. Through that, the new diamond gradually revealed from cutter head to do grinding work.
    With the development of stone industry, the sharpness and cutting efficiency of diamond saw blades has gained more and more attentions. The cutting efficiency and lifetime of diamond saw blade has a close relationship with formula of cutter head. The quality of cutter head is mainly depends on the selected diamond's parameters and diamond core parameters.
    The characteristics of diamond saw blade mainly performs on its sharpness and abrasive resistance. In the sawing process, diamond cutting wheel’s sharpness is showed by the cutting efficiency of saw blades, while the lifetime of blades shows its wear-resistance. Efficiency and lifetime of saw blades is two main indicators to judge the quality of a diamond saw blade.
    Improperly operation will affect the safety of production. How to safely use saw blades is the problem people puzzled. Then, what should we pay attentions to when using diamond saw blades? 
    1. Adjusting travel switch according to the size of block so that the lift of saw blade and material’s travel can be in a reliable and effective range. Before cutting, the front blades should 10~20mm higher than block; after cutting, the blades should leave 20~30mm up to the bottom of block. When the blades start running around should make all the blade out of the block and the distance from blades to block shall not be less than 150~200mm in order to prevent the blade hit against the block, The cutting depth for medium-harness stone such as marble, limestone can be cut through in one time. But for harness stone with strong abrasiveness such as granite, sandstone should be cut step by step. Using the single-side blade to cut granite, the depth for cutting is 10~20mm. To cut marble should be 50~100mm. Using multi-slice double-sided blades to cut hard-marble the depth should be 3~5mm. The use of saw blades and saw machines should be based on the hardness of stone. 
     2. Idling: especially when use new matrix, should idle it for 30 minutes before use. In summer, the matrix should add with water to idle for 30 minutes to eliminate the cutter head’s effects on the matrix and enhance the saw blade’ memory for its intrinsic quality. under the state of high-speed rotation 
     3. Only when the blades stop to idle you can use it to cut stone. Do not turn on the blades when the blade month touched with block. And shouldn’t stop the rotation of blades during cutting process. Only when all blades are out of the block can do that.
     4. When the speed of blades was significantly slow down or the blades have been clamped, it may be a belt slip, or the screw is too tight or too loose, or the cut depth is too deep, or the speed of cutting is too fast and other reasons. Once above phenomenon happened we should adjust the diamond saw blade immediately.