With further expanding of European debt crisis, those diamond tools companies, who export diamond tools mostly to European market, now bear more and more pressure. Quanzhou Diamond Tools Companies think new and apply marketing strategy of “Addition and Subtraction” by increasing export amount from Middle East, South Americas and other emerging markets, to overcome export decrease from Europe.

Formerly, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia are three major markets that share almost same export amount of Quanzhou Diamond Tools Companies. But today, this changes! European market decreases dramatically this year while Middle East increases 20-30 since nowadays Chinese diamond tools, in terms of price-quality ratio, would be much more competitive in Middle East market than that in European/American Markets.

With debt crisis aggravated, some few diamond tools exporters in Quanzhou start to change their marketing strategy by focusing and increasing their exports to emerging markets, such as Middle East, Latin Americas, Africa and South Asia. And the Deputy Director of Quanzhou Foreign Trade and Economic Burea, Mr. Huihuang Liu said that "This year, we will remain actively on European Market and will eyes on emerging markets such as ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) which we could expect a considerable market increase.”