Price of diamond grinding wheel
The prices of different types of diamond grinding wheels are also different, not only that, the supply and increase of raw materials and whether the freight price increases, all indirectly affect the price of grinding wheels.
In addition, the quality of the grinding wheel also determines its price. At present, there are many manufacturers of grinding wheels in the market, some of which do not have their own core technology, do not have any investment in research and development, and the quality of the grinding wheels produced is poor. Therefore, buy When buying a grinding wheel, don't just look at the price, but also its quality and brand guarantee.
How to choose a diamond grinding wheel
Diamond grinding wheel is a kind of diamond tool based on metal, welded or cold-pressed by diamond bit. On the bowl-shaped metal substrate, it is mainly suitable for the surface grinding processing of various refractory materials. The grinding wheel product adopts a specially designed conical mounting hole structure, which is easy to load and unload, and has the advantages of good processing flatness, high grinding efficiency and long service life. high advantage.

There are different types and specifications of grinding wheels to meet different application needs. They are generally used for grinding concrete, stone, as well as paint, glue, epoxy and other floor coatings.
The diamond cutter head has different matrix, different particle size, and different diamond concentration. The matrix is ??divided into hard, medium, soft, etc. The particle size is divided into coarse, medium, fine, etc. Therefore, the quality and use of diamond cutter head products is different.
When choosing a grinding wheel, you can choose the appropriate one according to your purpose. For example, when grinding hard ground, you should choose a soft-carcass grinding wheel. If it is a relatively soft ground, you can choose a relatively hard carcass. For rough ground For ground grinding with different degrees, you should also choose the appropriate one when choosing the particle size.
Usually, for rough grinding, you should choose a relatively soft carcass and a high-quality grinding wheel. The particle size can be selected with a large particle size, such as 16#, 20# or 30#/40# for grinding. Choosing a suitable grinding wheel can increase work efficiency. .For fine grinding, also known as polishing, you can choose a grinding wheel with hard carcass and fine particles, such as 80# to 120#, or you can choose other finer particle sizes according to the needs of grinding.
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2. Supply the whole set of grinding and polishing tools in polishing machine and calibrating machine from Coarse grinding to Fine Polishing.
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