As the most common and widely used cutting tool, what types of circular saw blades are there?
Classification by saw blade structure
Although there are many types of circular saw blades, we can still classify them according to some rules, among which classification according to the structure of the saw blade is our common classification method. Under such classification standards, we can divide diamond saw blades into wide sinks Diamond saw blade, segment block combined diamond saw blade, narrow water groove diamond saw blade, key hole slot diamond saw blade, turbo saw blade, bowl saw blade, etc.
Classification according to the welding process used by the saw blade
From the perspective of the structure of the diamond circular saw blade, the saw blade is composed of the base body and the teeth, and in order to make the teeth and the base seamlessly butt joint, welding teeth is an inevitable process.
At present, diamond saw blades are classified according to the welding method of diamond saw blades, and diamond saw blades can be divided into laser welded diamond saw blades, sintered diamond saw blades, high frequency welded diamond saw blades, etc.;
Classification by saw blade sawing objects
The circular saw blade is a cutting tool in the final analysis, and will eventually be used for the sawing of profiles. According to the sawing object, we can also classify the saw blade.
At present, according to the classification of the objects cut by diamond saw blades, we can divide diamond saw blades into: marble cutting saw blades, granite cutting saw blades, concrete cutting saw blades, etc.
Of course, the above classification method cannot include all diamond saw blades, and some special-purpose circular saw blades cannot be covered, but common diamond saw blades have been covered.

In the end, in order to make good use of the diamond saw blade and give full play to the performance of a saw blade, you need to do it for special sawing.
At present, in the application field of diamond saw blades, various types of diamond saw blades perform their own duties and play their own roles in the field of various profile sawing. Let's talk about its main uses.
Its main purpose is: sawing hard and brittle materials. In short, diamond saw blades are specially designed for those difficult-to-cut profiles. Among the many brittle and hard materials, there is no lack of our common types of stone. , stone and various profiles, etc.
At present, in addition to the wide use of diamond saw blades in the field of stone processing, some enterprises engaged in aluminum profile processing, in order to ensure the quality of sawing, have turned their attention to diamond saw blades and began to use diamond saw blades to saw aluminum. Profile.
In short, the use of diamond saw blades is by no means single. Once you encounter those difficult-to-cut profiles, diamond saw blades are useful.