how are diamond blades made
The diamond saw blade is mainly composed of two parts: the matrix and the segment.
The main supporting part of the bonding segment is the matrix, and the segment is the part that cuts during use. The segment will be continuously consumed during use, but the matrix will not. The reason why the segment can play the role of cutting is that Because it contains diamond, diamond is the hardest substance at present, and it rubs and cuts the processed object in the segment. The diamond particles are wrapped by metal inside the segment.
what are diamond blades used for
Diamond saw blade is a cutting tool, its working environment is relatively harsh, the primary use of diamond saw blade products is to cut stone, widely used in the cutting of marble, granite, ceramic wall and floor tiles and finished concrete products. The main processing equipment in the building materials industry.
Diamond saw blade cutting has the advantages of convenient operation, high efficiency and good processing quality. However, the noise is relatively large and the blade rigidity is poor. During the cutting process, the saw blade is prone to vibration and deviation, resulting in poor parallelism of the workpiece to be cut. The spindle is difficult to withstand a relatively large sawing force, which makes it oscillate during the cutting process and cannot cut a straight line. Although increasing the thickness of the saw blade can improve its rigidity, it is still difficult to ensure the parallelism of the slice.

In addition, increasing the thickness not only increases the cost of the saw blade, but also increases the width of the saw gap, thereby reducing the yield. The linear speed of the outer circular cutting is relatively high, up to 50 meters per second, and the cutting depth is limited by the diameter of the saw blade , generally not across one-third of the diameter, generally not across one meter.
The most important quality of diamond saw blade is the particle size of diamond, which is one of the most important indicators to check the wear resistance and sharpness of diamond saw blade.