1:The concept of Medium-diametet Diamond Blade
The Medium-diameter diamond blade,referred to as the middle diameter diamond blade with its diameter range fromΦ250mm(10″)~800mm(32″).

2:The method of manufacturing Medium-diameter diamond blade
In general,there are two methods of manufacturing Medium-diameter diamond blade:high-frequency welding and laser welding.Both of which are separately made of diamond segments,and then with high-frequency welding or laser welding to the circular steel blank.

The diamond segments can be made into ARIX or non-ARIX.The diamond segment with high-frequency welding can be diamond layer free(which can enhance the weldability and make full use of diamond layer),diamond segment with laser welding should have a primer.

The main purpose of stone processing is high-frequency Medium-diameter diamond saw blade.

There is another method that make the diamond segment and steel blank cold press,and then sintered together.This diamond blade is less rigid than the welded saw blade and is used for less demanding cuts.

3:The application of Medium-diameter diamond blade
Diamond medium-diameter saw blades are mainly used for horizontal cutting of stone slabs, trimming, cutting and grooving of granite, marble, sandstone, artificial stone, microcrystalline stone, quartz stone, wall and floor tiles, ceramics, etc. Cutting high-density refractory materials, high-voltage electric porcelain bottles, asphalt pavements, concrete pavement expansion joints, aircraft runway anti-skid troughs, wall materials, cement floors, electrical insulation materials, etc., which diameter above Φ400mm is mainly used for similar tombstones and tombstones. Forming sawing of thicker slabs (columns).

The requirements for edge of slab are highest (sharpness, good quality of edge).

Medium-diameter diamond blades are mostly used on small bridge cutters (hydraulic or manual), and move cutting (such as road expansion joint cutting) multi-handed cutting machine.