Resource conservation, environmental friendliness and sustainability of benefits are the trend requirements of the stone machinery industry. The dual-arm dual-drive hydraulic combined saw developed by Huaxing has realized revolutionary innovation of similar products. The commanding heights of competition in the stone machinery industry: environmental protection + high efficiency Traditional stone processing produces a large amount of sewage and cutting stone powder during the processing process, which causes unavoidable pollution to the surrounding environment, which seriously affects people's normal life and health. Some people propose to shut down all stone processing polluting enterprises.

However, experts pointed out that as a part of national production activities, simply shutting down stone machinery is tantamount to giving up food due to choking and is not conducive to economic development. Instead of shutting down, it is better to use technological innovation and shift to cleaner production. This is the only way to solve the problem. Revolutionary innovation As one of the manufacturers and suppliers of stone processing machinery in China, through continuous exploration and technological innovation, Huaxing has gradually realized the industrial chain from stone block sawing, to slab production and deep processing, to the final waste water treatment and waste residue utilization.

Efficient development can not only solve the environmental problems of the upstream stone industry, but also promote the rapid transformation and upgrading of the stone industry. Through technological innovation, Huaxing Stone Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of dual-arm dual-drive hydraulic combined saw, which is the first to achieve clean water cutting for upstream stone processing. This product innovatively proposes a new cutting process to realize one-time cutting in the width direction of the stone. The installed saw blades are the same diameter saw blades, and the maximum number of installations is 40, eliminating the need for the original use of large and small combination saw blades. Filming time and processing efficiency are significantly improved. The key is that in the cutting process, you only need to use clean water as the coolant to replace the original chemical raw materials used, which not only reduces the production cost, but also avoids environmental pollution. Zhou Ke, chairman of Shandong Stone Association, commented on this, "The successful development of Huaxing dual-arm dual-drive combination stone sawing machine is a revolution in the history of diamond disc processing." Its promotion and application will surely promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire stone industry. .

Chain operation With high-end cutting equipment, how to perform efficient deep processing of the cut plates is a big problem for processors. In addition to environmental protection pressure, it is a big problem to purchase a complete range of processing equipment. Cutting, to fixed thickness, to grinding and polishing, and then to specification cutting...Finally, the standard off-shelf is a complicated process, a process of employing a lot of people, low efficiency, and high cost. If it is possible to realize the chain-type production of the entire processing process and the operation of the whole machine, it will become much easier. Huaxing Stone Machinery Co., Ltd. is market-oriented and customer-centric, and has built and successfully launched the marble and granite narrow slab production line, which has realized the automation of the processing process. The whole line only needs 5 workers to operate, and the labor cost is greatly reduced. Except for the continuous mill and the clean water air dry scrubber, the rest of the equipment can be recycled water, which saves more water resources.

Cleaner production Environmental issues are issues related to people's livelihood. Therefore, all valuable production must be established on the basis of resource conservation, environmental friendliness and sustainable benefits. This is also a trend requirement for the development of the stone machinery industry. The waste water, waste residues and corner waste generated in the stone processing process are a headache for many stone processing enterprises. As a practitioner of "green development", Huaxing, while providing high-end sophisticated equipment for the stone processing industry, of course also considers its pollution control and long-term development issues.