In order for the saw blade to perform optimally, it must be used strictly in accordance with the specifications;
1. Saw blades with different specifications and uses have different designed diamond segment angles and matrix forms. Use it as much as possible according to the corresponding occasion;
2. The size and shape accuracy of the equipment spindle and plywood have a great influence on the use effect. The saw blade should be inspected and adjusted before installation. In particular, the factors that affect the clamping force and cause displacement and slippage at the contact surface between the splint and the saw blade must be eliminated;
3. Pay attention to the working condition of the diamond saw blade at any time. If abnormal conditions occur, such as vibration, noise, material movement on the processing surface, etc., the machine must be stopped and adjusted in time and repaired in time to maintain peak sharpness;

4. When grinding the saw blade, do not change its original angle to avoid sudden local heating and cooling of the diamond segment. It's best to have it polished by a professional.
5. Diamond saw blades that are not used temporarily should be hung vertically to avoid laying them flat for a long time, and items should not be stacked on them. Segments should be protected from collision.