1. Concept of diamond gang saw
Diamond gang saw, or gang saw, which is also called diamond frame saw, refers to a strip-shaped diamond tool formed by high-frequency welding diamond segments regularly to the side of a long strip steel core.
2. Specifications of diamond gang saw
The follwed table shows the regular specifications of diamond gang saw.
FIG1 regular specifications of diamond gang saw               Unit: mm
Gang saw size
Segment size Segment quantity of each saw blade
legnth thickness height
2000*180*2.5 20/24 3.1/3.5 8 14~16
2000*180*3.0 20/24 3.7/4.2 8 14~16
2500*180*3.0 20/24 3.7/4.2 8/10 17~19
3000*180/200*3.0/3.5 20/24/50 4.2/4.5 8/10 21~23
3500*180/200*3.5 20/24/50 4.5/5.0 8/10 27~29
4000*180*3.5 20/24/50 4.8/5.4 8/10 29~31
4200*180*3.5 20/24/50 4.8/5.4 8/10 31~33
4500*180*3.5 20/24/50 4.8/5.4 8/10 44~47
3. The application of diamond gang saw
Cutting material
Diamond gang saw is mainly used for the cutting of marble, medium hard granite, sandstone and soft artificial stone. For the granie harder than medium hard, there are also using single or a few pieces gang saw blades for cutting. The gang saw balde is mmostly assembled on the frame sawing machine, which can be divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. The horizontal type is to assemble 25 -150 pieces of diamond gang saw blades in the horizontal direction. The vertical type is to install 5-30 pieces of diamond gang saw blades in the vertical direction. The vertical frame saw is characterized in that the stone chips are easily discharged or taken out from the slit during cutting, which reduces the wear of gang saw blade, with better cooling effect and smaller floor space occupacion. But due to the high reciprocating frequency, it requires bigger power, which makes harder operation. And not too long gang saw is also needed.
Key points of installation
The installation position of the first gang saw blade should be based on the side panels of the gang saw machine.
Adjust the hanger (the mechanism connected to gang saw dovetail plate) to fit the gang saw blade into the hanging dovetail slot.
Further adjust the hanger to make the axial center line of the saw lower 10 - 12 mm than the center line of the hanger.
Then use pre-tensioning screw force wrench to pre-tension the gang saw blade. And only about 5 tons of traction is required to make the gang saw blade to achive its verticality and parallelism.
Check the parallelism and verticality of the first gang saw blade. When checking the parallelism, slowly push the frame to make the dial gauge horizontally pass through 400-500mm of the first gang saw blade. The deviation should not exceed 0.1mm. Then the gang saw blade can be paralleled with the running direction after being further tensioned. The verticality can be measured by a plumbage level or a square level. Inspect the gang saw blade length in multiple places, and the deviation should not exceed 0.02 mm.
After the first gang saw blade is installed and adjusted, continue to install and adjust the next one, and check the parallelism between the gang saw bladess. When all the gang saw blades are properly installed with required tension (usually 8-10 tons/pc), tap the cuneatus wood on the hangers by a hammer which will make each gang saw keep the same tension. Checking the deflection of all gang saw blades is required. It must be positive deflection (the center point of the strip is offset downward). The deflection can be specified according to the deflection of the substrate. If the deflection of the gang saw blade is not appropriate or negatively deflected, it must be reinstalled or corrected from the reverse side.
Parameters for cutting
Table 2 is the advised parameters for diamond gang saw cutting.
FIG 2 Parameter selection of diamond gang saw cutting
Machine type Slow horizontal type Fast horizontal type Vertical type
Gang saw blade stroke (mm) 360 400 450 520 500 540 700 750 400 500
Gang saw blade cutting times per minute (times/ minute) 80 80 80 85 120 120 105 105 180 200
Linear speed(m/s) 0.96 1.07 1.33 1.47 2.00 2.16 2.45 2.63 2.40 3.33
Advised motor
segment quantity of each blade less than 26-28pcs 0.8~1.2 1.2~1.8 1.5~2.2
26-28pcs segment each blade 1.2~1.4 1.5~2.0 2.2~3.0
segment quantiy of each blade more than 26-28pcs 1.4~1.8 2.0~2.2 3.0~3.8
Feeding speed
Marble 100~180 200~350 300~450
Limestone 120~250 200~300 350~500
Artificial stone 130~200 250~350 600~900
Cooling water(l/min.pc) 7~8 8~10 9~10