In order to improve the production efficiency and processing quality of diamond wire saw and reduce costs, it is crucial to select reasonable parameters. So how to choose parameters?
With the popularity of diamond wire saws, the market competition for diamond wire saw machines has also become fierce. When we choose a diamond wire saw, we can choose the one that suits us based on its parameters.
Generally speaking, diamond wire saw have higher cutting speeds. The pressure exerted by the single-grain diamond equipment on the stone during the sawing process is very small, which is not enough to cause the volume of the stone to break. The main way of rock crushing is Hertzian crushing, which is mainly carried out through high-speed grinding. Sawing is achieved this way so the chips are of good size.
According to the rock-breaking mechanism of diamond rope, the tension of the saw rope should be appropriately controlled during sawing to ensure a certain linear speed of the saw rope, and diamond and matrix should be selected with good wear resistance to ensure good cooling. Increase the sawing speed and extend the service life of the diamond rope.