Nowadays, many companies are engaged in polishing work, and there are also many machines that specialize in polishing. Polishing is a necessary process of marble processing, and the price of marble polishing is also one of the focuses of people's attention. For the treatment of marble, there are mainly the following steps. After these steps, the marble will have a better luster.

how to polish marble
1. Coarse grinding: Use 50#, 150#, 300#, 500# diamond resin hard grinding block (don't use soft water grinding disc for rough grinding, it is prone to waves and affect the flatness) rough grinding water supply is slightly larger But remember not too much. After each grinding disc is polished, water should be thoroughly absorbed. Check whether the deep cut left by the cutting abrasive is worn off with 50# grinding disc, and so on, the machine uses tic-tac-toe grinding, and coarse grinding accounts for the overall grinding. 45% of the time is a key link to ensure the quality acceptance of the project.
2. Fine grinding: use 800#, 1000#, 2000# diamond resin soft water grinding pads, fine grinding takes up 35% of the overall grinding time, first light appears after fine grinding to 800#, and gloss after fine grinding to 2000# Up to 50 degrees.
3. Fine grinding: Use 3000# diamond resin soft water grinding pad to spray A2 grinding, ion exchange, and fine grinding account for 20% of the overall grinding time. After fine grinding, the gloss is improved very high, and the surface density of the marble stone is improved. The polishing agent (NO2+Q5 mirror repair agent) lays a solid foundation and enhances the adhesion of the polishing material.
4. Polishing: Use power above 2HP, speed 175---210 rpm, weight 45-70 kg crystal face machine, animal hair pad with 70% animal hair content, 3M pad, nano pad, and marble mirror rejuvenating cream NO2, 2X mirror lock bright knife into the milk Q5 for polishing and grinding, the surface gloss of the marble after polishing can reach at least 90-100 degrees.
5. If you encounter materials that are more difficult to make translucent, such as jazz white and resin artificial stones, if the above methods are still not bright enough, then spray A2 again and grind to dryness with 3000#, and then repeat the nano pad , With the marble mirror complex cream NO2, 2X mirror brightening knife into the emulsion Q5 for polishing and grinding, the nano-inorganic polymer copolymer forms a crystalline layer, which is vitreous, and the water-bright effect will surely come out. It has high hardness, abrasion resistance, transparency, water resistance, stain resistance, and anti-slip effects.