Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia for short) is located on the Arabian Peninsula, with a land area of 2.25 million square kilometers. It borders the Persian Gulf in the east and the Red Sea in the west, with an average altitude of 665 meters. It borders Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen and other countries.
Saudi Arabia is rich in phosphate and bauxite deposits, in addition to other deposits that can be mined commercially, including gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, iron ore, and rare earths. Saudi Arabia also has a large number of deposits of major mineral species used in the construction industry.

For colors of granite, Saudi is famous for its Tropical Brown Granite,White Pearl Granite(Bianco) Najran ,Pink,Green etc.

Process of Stone Production:
After get block from quarry, you need a machine to cut block into slabs.
1st step: Use the wire saw machine or squaring machine to make block squared.
2nd step: Use machine to cut block into slabs.
Before for the old factory ,people use the gangsaw machine to cutting block into slabs.

But due to the high machine maintenance cost, factory start to remove the old machine ,and change to WANLONG mutliblade block cutters.(We have machine in Jeddah, Riyadh, Najran, Medina, If you want to check the machine working conditions,please feel free to contact us.)
The production in competitive with Italian block cutter but the cost is only 10% of the Italian machine. Small investment and easy to get  money back.

QSQ-2200/QSQ-2500/QSQ-2800  9DISC 13DISC 20DSIC Available upon request.

With the touch screen,and English program. It’s easy for workers to learn how to operate the machine. And one operator can be in charge of the 5 to 10 machines,which can help you to save the labor cost.
3rd step: polishing slabs
After get slab from the blocks, you can use the automatic polishing line to polishing the slabs.

LXM-8/LXM-12/LXM-16/LXM20/LXM-24 are available upon request.

4th step:Cut to size
After polish the slabs, you need a laser bridge cutting machine to cut the slab into standard size tiles.

Wanlong  PLC-400 PLC-700 YTQQ-600 WLCNC-500  4ASIX  WLCNC-500 5AXIS machine are available upon your request.
Beside making the tiles,you can also have a production line for cutting curbstone or tombstones.
So the multi-blade cross cutter and bridge cutting machine also available upon your request.

All the machine are easy operation and easy for maintenance.