Diamond saw blade is the most common type of cutting tool in the current market. It is mainly used for cutting marble, granite, concrete and ceramic tile, etc. It greatly improves the cutting efficiency.
However, due to the long-term cutting work of the diamond saw blade and the very harsh working environment, in this case, the diamond saw blade will often become dull, the sharpness will decrease, and the cutting efficiency will be low.
how do i know if my diamond blade is dull
First of all: carefully observe the cutting condition of the saw blade: when the saw blade is cut for a certain period of time, you can see whether the cutting efficiency is reduced.
Secondly: carefully observe the surface condition of the saw blade: due to long-term work, we can observe whether the surface of the saw blade becomes dull, whether the cutting efficiency becomes worse, and whether it is worn.
When the saw blade is used for a long time, the saw blade becomes dull, and it is a normal phenomenon to wear it. So how do we maintain the saw blade to slow down its dull time and its wear?
In order to make the products of diamond saw blade manufacturers have a longer service life and higher work efficiency, we must minimize the amount of wear of the diamond saw blade, so what factors affect its dullness and wear?
An important factor affecting the wear of diamond saw blades is the quality of the product itself. Factors related to the tool itself, such as diamond grade, content, particle size, the matching of the binder and the diamond, and the shape of the tool, are important factors affecting the wear of the tool. The wear degree of the diamond segment will It is affected by factors such as the material to be cut, the selected feed rate and cutting speed, and the geometry of the workpiece.
Different workpiece materials have large differences in fracture toughness and hardness, so the properties of workpiece materials also affect the wear of diamond tools.
The higher the quartz content, the more severe the diamond wear; if the content of orthoclase is significantly higher, the sawing process is relatively difficult; under the same sawing conditions, the coarse-grained granite is better than the fine-grained granite. It is more difficult for cleavage fracture to occur, and the use effect will be better.
To sum up, it is inevitable for diamond saw blades to become dull after a long time, but if you choose a good quality diamond saw blade, you can delay the dulling time, choose the matrix formula, have high sharpness, effectively extend the cutting time, and extend the cutting time. cutting efficiency.
Our technical department has been working hardly for years to develop circular saws which enables WANLONG to offer the blades with satisfactory performance. WANLONG Diamond saw blades are widely used to process all types of materials, including, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Basalt, Travertine, Sandstone, Slate, Andesite, etc.
1. The blade has good sharpness, high efficiency and long lifespan.
2. Good cutting result:  smooth cutting, flat surface and even size
3. Stable cutting, narrow cutting gap, stone waste reduction
4. Easy for diamond opening.