Excessive wear of the diamond saw blade will lead to an increase in the cost of cutting the workpiece, including the reduction of the quality of the workpiece, which has a very serious impact on the efficiency of the enterprise. How to prevent the saw blade from wearing too fast, it is necessary to first understand the cause of the situation.
Therefore, in order to make the products of diamond saw blade manufacturers have a longer service life and higher work efficiency, we must try to reduce the amount of wear of the diamond saw blades, so what are the factors that cause the worn out diamond blades? How to reduce wear and tear?
Diamond saw blades often work for a long time, so the degree of wear and tear is very large, and they need to be constantly repaired or even replaced, which will increase the economic investment of enterprises.

The quality of the diamond saw blade itself is an important factor that affects the wear of the tool. Factors related to the tool itself, such as diamond grade, content, particle size, the matching of the binder and the diamond, and the shape of the tool, are also important factors that affect the wear of the saw blade. The wear degree will be affected by factors such as the material to be cut, the selected feed rate and cutting speed, and the geometry of the workpiece. Different workpiece materials have large differences in the fracture toughness and hardness of the finished product, so the properties of the workpiece material also affect Wear of diamond tools.
The saw blade manufacturer stated that the higher the quartz content, the more severe the diamond wear; if the content of orthoclase is significantly higher, the sawing process is relatively difficult; under the same sawing conditions, the granite with coarse grain size is finer than the grain size. The granite is more difficult to cleavage fracture, and the cutting effect will be better.