How to Choose the Right Stone Cutting Machine

Stone cutting machine is a kind of machines that are often used for modern architectural stone processing.
The quality of stone processing depends partly on the quality of the stone cutting machine.
So what kind of stone cutting machine is in good?
How to choose the right stone cutting machine?
Here are a few tips that will be helpful for you.


1. Consider What Kind of Finished Products that you’ll need.

With the continuous development of technology, there are a variety of stone machines for choosing. Firstly to confirm which kinds of finished products that you want to have: block cutting, tile cutting, trimming cutting, profiling or machine with CNC function?

2. Choose a Big Company with a Good Reputation.

When choosing a stone cutting machine, you are advised to choose a big company with good reputation, because the big company has strong technical team, strict quality control, and prompt after-sales service. For example, Wanlong group (stone diamond tools and stone machines) is the manufacturer and exporter for both stone diamond tools and stone machines since 1993 in China. Experienced technical team, professional service, stable quality will bring a lot of benefits for your production.

3. Machine Material

1) It is better to choose aluminum alloy or stainless steel for the machine shell part, which is not easy to corrode and rust.??

2) Compared with the power cord, choose a cord that is not easy to break (breaking will cause electric shock!). The good quality power cord will be covered by PU or rubber or strong plastic, which can withstand to minus 40 degrees Celsius without breaking. The power cord that is covered by low-cost PVC, will be broken easily and can not be straightened in severe cold weather conditions.

4. Operational stability

When the operator operates the machine, it should be in good stability, no jump, small resistance, easy operation.

For example, Wanlong multiblade block cutting machine model QSQ-2200/2500/3000, the up and down lifting adopts double hydraulic lifting, and the guide with high-precision chrome-plated guide post + wear-resistant guide sleeve: small matching clearance, strong wear-resistant. And multi-layer sealing is designed in the guide sleeve, which is waterproof, dust-proof and no oil leakage. It keeps machine stability and improve service life a lot. It uses microcomputer control system and human-computer interaction interface, all cutting information can be checked by the touch panel, which is quite easy for operator.

5. Machine Motor performance

What is a good motor? There is no difference in the appearance and size of the motor. Many people think that a motor is a good motor with a large appearance. This is a wrong understanding. The motor is mainly composed of copper wire, silicon steel sheet, and other accessories, and also need a good craftsmanship. How to confirm it is a good one?

1) Method 1 Noise (no abnormal noise, no noise), the noise is light and smooth. The vibration is small. The temperature rise (degrees) is low, ≤50 degrees Celsius. The torque is large.

2) Method 2: Use professional equipment to detect.

6. The performance of the gearbox

Noise (no abnormal noise, no noise), the noise is smooth. The small noise is not necessarily good, but loud noise is definitely not a good product. We must choose a manufacturer with reliable technology.

7. After-sales service

1) The international installation service is available?

2) Is the manufacturer's repair service response fast enough?

3) Is the supply of accessories in a timely manner?

4) Warranty?

These are all factors to be considered.

Wanlong group provide one-time service for stone factory. Contact us today for help and advice regarding how you can find the right stone cutting machines for your esteemed company!