Stone mining wire saw cutting machine is a kind of high energy efficiency stone equipment, which is widely used in stone mining industry. So, what are the advantages of stone mining wire saw cutting machine?
1. Improve resource utilization
2. Conducive to environmental protection
3. High work efficiency and great economic benefits
4. High safety performance
5. High quality stone
How to find the best diamond wire saw machine manufacturer in Jaipur, India?
An excellent diamond wire saw machine is affected by many factors: brand, motor, power, etc.
The machine adopts the combination of Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor and Permanent Magnetic Synchronous drive, and applies the principle of constant tension control. It can automatically adjust the Traveling speed according to the change of the cutting force, so that the wire saw can be always in the best cutting state. It’s easy for wire saw to start cutting at low speed and constant torque, labor-saving and safe; large torque, compared with ordinary asynchronous motors, its energy consumption reduces 30% more, and cutting efficiency improve 50% more.
The machine can be equipped with a network module and cooperate with a cloud platform to realize remote control and monitoring functions. The network module can be connected to the Internet server in three ways: 4G phone card, WIFI, and network cable. The operator can remotely operate and monitor the machine through mobile APP or computer webpage when away from the equipment.