The diamond segment is an indispensable part of the diamond saw blade, and the selection of the segment directly affects the cutting efficiency, service life and cutting stability of the saw blade.
Recently, some stone manufacturers will ask a question during the consultation process, how do I correctly select the diamond segment that suits me? In response to this problem, we solve it through the following five aspects.
1: Clarify your own processing materials: According to your own processing goals, choose a diamond segment suitable for the product, such as a special section for granite, a special section for marble, a special section for concrete, a special section for ceramic tiles, and so on.
2: Choose according to the sawing equipment: choose the diamond segment according to the sawing equipment. Wear-resistant products can be selected for larger equipment power to ensure its life, and equipment power is smaller to select sharp products to ensure its cutting efficiency.
For cutting machines with deflection or poor precision, it is best to use wear-resistant products, and for newer cutting machines with good precision, sharp products can be selected.
3. Selection according to the size of the cutting material: refers to the size and type of the segment selected according to the specifications and quality requirements of the cutting material.
4. The choice of diamond segment manufacturers: This is a crucial point. Some manufacturers have invested heavily in product development and innovation for a long time. They strictly control the quality of diamond segments and ensure product quality.

To sum up: There are four aspects that must be kept in mind when selecting a diamond segment: processing material, sawing equipment, product specifications and manufacturer's choice.

WANLONG Provides a wide range of diamond segments through different manufacturing process that are adapted to each cutting activity. WANLONG Diamond segments is also widely used to process different stones, including Granite, Marble, Limestone, Basalt, Travertine, Sandstone, Slate, Andesite, etc.
Main Product ranges:  Quarry Segment, Block Cutting Segment, Multi blade Block Cutting Segment, Block Cutting Segment for Marble, Gangsaw segment, Grinding Segment, etc.
WANLONG Diamond segment is widely used:
1. For different size blade: 350mm-3500mm with different shape and structure.
2. Speedy & Smooth & stable cutting.
3. High cutting efficiency to save energy consumption.