The diamond segment is composed of diamond and other metal elements. The reasonable structure of diamond and metal element powder is the center that affects the quality of the diamond segment. In the cutting and drilling process of a good diamond blade, its running surface is concave, that is, the middle is low and the side is high. , This section can improve the working conditions of the working face, reduce the lateral burden, and achieve the purpose of improving the cutting speed and drilling quality.
The difference between good diamond segments and poor diamond segments is very obvious. For example, in terms of efficiency, the cutting efficiency of good segments is very high, while the cutting efficiency of poor segments is slow, and it is very easy to lose teeth. For stone factories, The use of bad segments will not only affect the efficiency of processing, but also sometimes damage the stone or machinery, and even cause production accidents.
Therefore, choosing a good segment is what every stone factory must face. Below, we will introduce several common characteristics of high-quality segments, so that people can better compare and refer when choosing segments, so as to choose the right one. Segment products of the stone factory.

What are the characteristics of a good diamond segment
High cutting efficiency
In the process of stone production and processing, cutting is a very important process. The choice of a good diamond segment should first be reflected in the efficiency. If the efficiency is low and the cutting speed is too slow, it will reduce the efficiency of producing stone, thereby increasing the cost. For example, workers' wages, electricity bills, water bills, etc., will directly affect the operation of subsequent processes. Therefore, the most important aspect of segmented cutting is efficiency. A segment without cutting efficiency is not a good segment.
Long cutting life
If the service life of the segment is longer, it can save the processing cost, such as welding cost, labor cost, saw blade replacement, inspection and other processes.
Therefore, it is very important for the stone factory to cut more stone with the same efficiency.
The segment shape design is more reasonable
The shape of the segment is mainly used to increase the sharpness, increase the waterway and then increase the cooling effect of the coolant, facilitate chip removal, etc. A segment is a good diamond portion if the shape of the segment fulfills the above functions.
Surface diamond distribution
This characteristic is related to the efficiency of the segmentation, but the grinding speed is not only related to the cutting efficiency. In terms of rotational speed, if the grinding speed of the segment is fast, the saw blade can cut the stone well in the process of cutting the stone, and due to the high grinding speed, there will be no stone chipping and slate breakage.
Reasonable segment design
When we look closely at the diamond segment, we can see that this segment has obvious diamonds exposed on the surface of the segment, and there is a distinct trail behind it. Such segment structure design will make the quality of the segment more stable and the product sharper.
See diamond segment colors and formulations
This segment is yellowish in color and not easy to rust, so it is more suitable for precious marble cutting. Often cheap segments will appear whitish in color, and such segments are prone to rust and stone contamination.