With the increasing use of diamond cup grinding wheels, consumers are paying more and more attention to how to use diamond cup grinding wheels correctly and its precautions.
So how to use diamond cup grinding wheel and precautions?
(1) Diamond grinding wheel is only suitable for processing high hardness materials, not suitable for grinding general steel or other soft materials.
(2) After the diamond grinding wheel is installed on the flange, it must be statically balanced before it can be used. Do not remove it from the flange before the grinding wheel is used up, which can prolong the service life of the grinding wheel.
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(3) Machine tools using diamond grinding wheels have better rigidity, higher rotation accuracy of the main mechanism, and can be used for micro lateral feed.
(4) The selection of grinding amount should be appropriate.
(5) Coolant should be used as much as possible when grinding, which can not only improve the grinding efficiency and grinding quality, but also reduce the wear of the grinding wheel. The commonly used coolants include kerosene, light diesel and light gasoline, etc., generally kerosene is better.

(6) When the new diamond grinding wheel is used, it also needs to be trimmed in order to obtain the correct shape. The trimming can be performed with WA180L5V whetstone (clamped on a vice).
In the grinding process, if the grinding wheel is not sharp enough or the plug is broken, you can also carefully trim the working surface of the grinding wheel with a silicon carbide sand bar.
(7) The diamond grinding wheel is a kind of valuable abrasive tool, which should not be placed in random places, let alone exposed to moisture, corrosion and impact, and should not be exposed to high temperature.