There are many preventive measures for diamond coring bits in actual use, which is why the same diamond coring bits are used by different owners and have different lifespans. So, how to effectively prolong the service life of diamond core drills without problems in use?
1. The main air duct of the main fan of the air compressor must not leak air to ensure sufficient air volume and air pressure, and prolong the service life of the diamond core bit;
2. It is strictly forbidden to suddenly reverse and change the running direction to prevent the diamond core bit from falling off;
3. The diamond coring bit is first run-in at low speed for half an hour, and then gradually used normally;
4. In normal drilling operations, when replacing the diamond core bit in the middle, it is necessary to strictly check whether there is any debris in the hole, and ensure that the hole is clean before using a new diamond core bit;
5. When working in harsh geological environment, the axial pressure and rotational speed should be reduced to prevent the drill bit from breaking;
6. The stabilizer should be replaced regularly to make the diamond core drill work normally and stably;
The above six points are the most important precautions when using diamond core bits. At the same time, if you need to know anything in actual use, you can contact us. At the same time, customers and friends are welcome to contact us directly when they need diamond core bits.