Diamond saw blade is a processing tool that is widely used in hard and brittle materials such as stone, concrete and refractory materials.
The diamond saw blade is mainly composed of a matrix and a segment. The base is the main support part of the adhesive segment, and the segment is used for cutting during use. Segments are depleted in use, and the matrix is ??no, the segment cuts because it contains diamonds. Diamond, as the hardest substance at present, grinds objects in the segment. The diamond particles are encapsulated within the segment by the metal.

Classification of diamond saw blades
1. Working status: dry cutting and wet cutting
2. Classification of cutting objects: marble, granite, roads, ceramics, quartz stone, etc.
3. Classification by welding: electroplated diamond saw blade, brazing, high frequency, laser, etc.
4. According to the use structure, there are:
Abrasives: grinding wheels, rollers, drums, edging wheels, grinding discs, bowl grinding, soft grinding discs, etc.:
Sawing tools: circular saw, gang saw, wire saw, barrel saw, band saw, chain saw:
Drilling tools: geological metallurgy drill bits, oil (gas) well drill bits, engineering thin-wall drill bits, stone drill bits, glass drill bits, etc.:
Other tools: dressing tools, knives, wire drawing dies, etc.
5. Sawtooth classification: round, multi-tooth, abrasive
6. According to the bonding agent, it is divided into three categories: resin, metal and ceramic bond diamond tools. Metal bonding processes are divided into sintering, electroplating and brazing.