1. Selection of teeth number of metal circular saw blade
The number of teeth shall be determined according to the sawing materials, equipment and other conditions, for example, the wall thickness and diameter of hollow pipe shall be understood; Many people may think that the more teeth, the better. In fact, this is not the case. For details, please refer to the Advantages and Advantages of Too Many Teeth in Metal Circular Saw Blade
2. Selection of saw blade diameter
The diameter of the metal circular saw blade must be related to the material to be cut. First, confirm the material to be cut, then select the appropriate equipment, and then select the size of the saw blade according to the above conditions

3. Selection of varieties
Different kinds of metal circular saw blades have different sawing effects. For example, high-speed steel saw blades can cut pipes very well. Of course, they can also cut iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, etc; The carbide saw blade is specially used to cut wood and aluminum profiles, and the cold saw blade is also used. At present, this kind of saw blade is specially used for high-speed metal circular sawing machines
4. Selection of thickness
As for the thickness of the saw blade, it cannot be said that the thinner the better. Too thin will cause instability, and too thick will cause more serious sawing loss