In recent years, the technical level of laser stone cutting machines has been continuously improved, which has brought convenience to industrial production. Today, this kind of equipment has gradually replaced traditional manual cutting, reducing labor costs and ensuring product quality. However, when the equipment is in use, sometimes there will be some failures, which will affect our production efficiency.
So what is causing the device to fail?
There are many reasons why a laser stone cutting machine might malfunction. It may be that the parallelism of the left and right guide rail beams is poor, and the left and right guide rail beams are not on the same horizontal plane. Due to the distortion and deformation of the guide rail beam due to the settlement of the foundation, the stones placed on the workbench are not stable, and the arrangement has displacement phenomenon.
When the stone width is inaccurate due to equipment failure, first measure the error measurement value of the levelness of the guide rail beam, and the range should be 0.06/1000. The meshing gap between the walking mechanism and the track beam frame should be 0.05-0.10mm, and the parallelism of the track beams on both sides should be 0.50mm. If there is any error, it should be adjusted and repaired in time.

In addition to the above reasons, electrical software should also pay attention. When the equipment is running, the inverter traveling longitudinally may be damaged, the magnetic ruler and the measuring head assembly may be deformed, resulting in a large distance between the two, loose magnetic heads, unstable or low power supply voltage, etc. Also pay attention to the layout of the wiring and the debugging of the external power supply system, these are the reasons that affect the normal operation of the equipment.