The laser bridge cutting machine can cut stones of different thicknesses, and can also cut large slabs into required specifications. It greatly improves the efficiency of traditional stone cutting and is also conducive to environmental protection.
Laser bridge cutting machines have different cutting speeds and cutting tools for different stones or workpieces. The specific situation should be combined with the actual operation process in order to cut out higher quality products. Let me introduce to you the three steps of laser bridge cutting machine operation
1. Before work
1) Put on overalls and goggles, female workers wear long hair, put it up, and wear work caps.
2) Check the power switch, the tightness of the saw blade, the saw blade guard or the safety baffle in detail, the operating table must be stable, and there must be sufficient lighting for night work.
3) Turn on the main switch, test it for a few laps with no load, and allow it to start after confirming that it is safe.

2. At work
1) Do not operate with gloves on. If dust is generated during handling, wear a mask or face shield.
2) Never attempt to cut small unclamped workpieces.
3) This cutting machine is only allowed to cut profiles.
4) Do not perform strong sawing operations, and make the motor reach full speed before cutting.
5) No one is allowed to stand behind the saw.
6) When the saw blade is not stopped, do not lean over or go around the saw machine, and do not release or lift your hands or arms from the saw blade or workpiece.
7) Do not operate when the protective cover is not in place, and do not place your hands within 15 cm from the saw blade.
8) Before repairing or replacing accessories, the power supply must be cut off first, and the saw blade must stop completely.
9) If any abnormal sound is found, stop the machine immediately for inspection.
3. After work
1). Turn off the main power
2), clean and tidy up the workbench and venue
3), sort out the finished products and do a good job of labeling and protection