Cutting granite used to be very laborious, but since the advent of the diamond rope, the job has become particularly easy.
We are trying to use diamond wire to make the diamond wire saw better cut granite slabs, but we need to pay attention to some issues when cutting so that we can better complete our work.
Compared with ordinary wire saws, diamond wire saws are more suitable for cutting plates of various specifications and thicknesses, and are also suitable for processing more expensive granite. The following requirements must be observed when using a diamond wire saw to cut granite slabs:

1. Shape the top and bottom of the block before cutting;
2. Place the blocks on two brackets and fix them with cement;
3. Saw rope usually does not require sharpening. A reasonable feed speed needs to be determined when sawing, which is determined by the appropriate curvature of the wire rope during the sawing process. It is usually controlled and adjusted by the control cabinet based on feedback signals.