The failure of the bridge saw stone cutting machine affects the efficiency of our production, so we must understand the cause of the failure in order to solve the problem.
Today we will talk about the reasons why the bridge stone cutting machine fails.
1. The main causes of mechanical failure are:
The parallelism of the left and right guide rail beams is out of tolerance; the left and right guide rail beams are not on the same level; the straightness of one or both sides of the guide rail beam is out of tolerance; the meshing clearance of the traveling gears on both sides is inconsistent or severely worn; the rolling linear guide is damaged; the guide rail beam is caused by foundation settlement Distortion and deformation; The plate is unstable on the workbench and shifts.
To solve the problem of inaccurate plate width differential slicing caused by mechanical failure, we should first measure: the guide rail beam horizontal error measurement value should be ≤0.06/1000; the meshing gap between the traveling gear and the guide rail beam rack should be 0.05~0.10mm; both sides The parallelism of the guide rail beam is 0.50mm. If there is any deviation, it should be adjusted and repaired.

2. The main causes of electrical failures are:
The vertical frequency converter is damaged; the magnetic scale and measuring head components are damaged or the distance is too large, and the magnetic head is loose; the power supply voltage is unstable or low;
For board size out-of-tolerance phenomena caused by electrical faults, attention should be paid to troubleshooting according to the above reasons. At the same time, attention should also be paid to wiring errors (failure to distinguish between high-power cables and signal lines) or system interference caused by external power supplies. The equipment should be reliably grounded during installation. Three-phase four-wire power supply requirements should be strictly followed.