The quality of the bridge combination saw blade depends on the quality of the base body, the quality of the segments and the welding quality of the base body and segments.
Generally, the new saw blade base body is controlled by tension value, flatness, end face runout, etc. before leaving the factory. However, some base materials often deviate when used in stone factories, resulting in a decrease in the stone cutting pass rate.

The main manifestation is: the processing technology does not match the tension value of the base material. When the positive value of the tension value is too large, it is easy to cause up and down bending. On the contrary, when the negative value is too large, left and right bending will occur. Some substrates have been rewelded multiple times. This phenomenon can also occur after reaching the end of its service life.
Therefore, when choosing a base material, do not be greedy for cheap and choose an unqualified base material. Instead, choose high-quality substrates produced by regular companies. At the same time, pay attention to the service life of the re-welded saw blade and replace it with a new saw blade holder in time to reduce unnecessary losses.