Diamond segment is an indispensable material in the mining of hard stones such as marble, granite and reinforced concrete.
As an indispensable material in cutting tools, some stone miners responded that they used diamond segments produced by other manufacturers before purchasing our products, and the diamond segments could not be cut or even could not be cut.
The reason why the diamond segment cannot cut the stone
The main factors for this situation are the strength, the formula of the diamond segment and the immaturity of the process. The specific factors are as follows:

One: In the production process, the failure to stir the mixture evenly is one aspect, and the failure to take timely measures in the mixing and loading procedures, resulting in the mixing of impurities and the stone can not be cut.
Two: The use of unqualified or poor quality diamond powder will cause the stone to not be cut.
Three: immature or unreasonable formula and sintering process will also cause the stone to not be cut.
Four: The temperature is not well controlled, resulting in excessive carbonization of the diamond, which will cause the diamond particles to fall off easily when the diamond segment is cut, thus causing the stone to not be cut.
Five: The bonding agent used in the diamond segment is also one of the factors. The hardness of the bonding agent is not well controlled, which will lead to serious deviations in the consumption of the two.
Six: The choice of the manufacturer is very important. It is very important for a company to have a mature formula and skilled production technology, as well as to control the quality of the diamond segment.