The diamond wire saw is made of diamond beads passing through the wire rope. In order to fix the beads and prevent the beads from moving back and forth on the rope or rotating in place, a fixed medium needs to be added between the adjacent beads. These fixed-length wire saws are connected to the wire. Together to form a closed-loop package, and then tension and drive through the saw to cut the relevant materials.
Diamond wire saws are widely used in marble and granite block mining, block shaping, flat cutting, processing of various special-shaped stone products, as well as building engineering construction, road construction, bridge and building prosthesis transformation, aluminum cutting, glass cutting Wait.
What are the advantages of diamond wire saw products?
Less restricted, easy to use
Compared with other diamond tools, the diamond beaded wire saw is a flexible tool, it is suitable for all types of mines; it is not limited by the shape of the surface of the object, the workplace requirements are simple, and it can cut a large area.
Improve production efficiency
With the advancement of technology, the use of powder granulation technology and automatic cold pressing technology can greatly improve the production efficiency of diamond beaded wire saws; the use of hot isostatic pressing technology, diamond directional discharge technology, brazing technology and other new technologies and methods The diamond wire saw can greatly improve the comprehensive performance of the wire saw.
Reduce costs and enhance environmental protection
The use of diamond wire saws can improve resource utilization and reduce environmental pollution. The large-scale use of high-performance diamond wire saws is of great significance to improve the utilization of stone resources, reduce the cutting cost per unit area and protect the ecological environment.