Since the use of grinding wheels has high requirements on safety and performance, special attention should be paid to the following points when keeping and storing grinding wheels.
1. The external environment should be kept dry and ventilated, the temperature change is small, and the room temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees. Vitrified bonded grinding wheels cannot be placed in wet or icy places, and neither resin bonded grinding wheels nor rubber bonded grinding wheels can come into contact with oil.
2. Can not be stacked at will. It should be stored on suitable racks and cabinets according to specifications. At the same time, vibration should be avoided. The specifications and other detailed parameters of the grinding wheel should be marked, and stored in an orderly manner according to its shape, material, size, and granularity. to avoid confusion.
3. The stacking height of resin grinding wheel and rubber grinding wheel cannot exceed 200mm, and flat iron plates are placed on the bottom and top to prevent cracking and deformation of the grinding wheel.
4. Thin slice grinding wheels with sharp edges should be stacked together and separated by spacers (thick cardboard or foam plastic, etc., which can maintain a certain strength) at the interval of each grinding wheel.
5. Since the magnesia (magnesia) bonded grinding wheel can absorb moisture in the air, special attention should be paid to the storage of this grinding wheel to prevent heat and corrosion.
6. Rubber binder and resin binder should not be placed for too long, otherwise aging problems will occur due to changes in chemical composition. The storage period of rubber and resin bonds is generally not more than one year. After the expiration date, it can be used after re-inspection.