Because our wire saw has the advantages of flexible use, free cutting direction, and various cutting materials, this has led to a stone processing machine favored by stone processing manufacturers.
Because the wire saw is processing various brittle and hard materials for a long time every day, the wire saw will be easily worn, resulting in a decrease in the cutting speed of the wire saw, so how do we resume cutting after using the wire saw for a period of time? What about speed?
Since the wire saw has a cutting direction, we should pay attention to the cutting direction of the wire saw when using it. We have to follow the direction of the arrows indicated on each clip of the jigsaw. Don't cut in the opposite direction so we don't end up with the front and back ends of the bead. Taper, to ensure the normal use of diamond beaded wire saw.
After the sintered diamond beaded wire saw has been used for a period of time, if you feel that the cutting speed has decreased, you can take a certain amount of refractory bricks and put them neatly on the mineral material for sharpening.
When the diamond beaded wire saw is cutting, it must be cooled, otherwise the beads will be burned, and in severe cases, the entire diamond beaded wire saw will be scrapped.

Generally, we can use tap water to cool down the wire saw, but we cannot use cooling water at will. The more cooling water the better, the use of cooling water is regulated, the amount of cooling water is 1.5~2 times the diameter of the diamond beaded wire saw. , the operation can be adjusted according to the noise during cutting and the turbidity of cooling water. Too much cooling water will easily affect the self-grinding property of the diamond beaded wire saw, causing the wire saw to slip, and too little cooling water will easily cause the beads to heat up and affect the cutting life.